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Anne Leache

Leache, Anne

4th Grade Teacher

Work Hard; Play Hard; Love Fully; Laugh Often; Smile Always.   Teaching is a joy!  I am excited and thrilled to be working at Lawton Elementary School.  Everyday is an opportunity to grow, learn, and love.

Dana Lundgren

Lundgren, Dana

Kindergarten Teacher
Michael Matzner

Matzner, Michael

1st Grade Teacher

Michael has been teaching at Lawton since 1989. Michael grew up in Philadelphia and holds a degree in English Literature from Temple University and teaching credentials from Pacific Oaks College in California. His interests are reading, music, cinema, sports, and spending time with his family.

Tracy McDonagh

McDonagh, Tracy

Kindergarten Teacher

Tracy has a Bachelors in Fine Arts from New York University and a Masters in Teaching from Heritage College. She worked as a Montessori Instructional Assistant at Graham Hill Elementary from 1994-2000 and joined Lawton in 2002. Tracy has taught drama and theater production since 1991. She regularly swims and likes to spend time outdoors. Tracy enjoys time with her two grown children who still genuinely enjoy her company.

Kristen Noel

Noel, Kristen

2nd Grade Teacher

Peters, Eric

PE Teacher

Eric has been teaching PE at Lawton since 2021. His goal is to help each student build confidence, develop skills, learn fitness concepts, and have fun through physical activity. Eric’s favorite physical activities include biking, soccer, and pickleball.

Kelli Soccorsy

Soccorsy, Kelli

3rd Grade Teacher

Kelli has been working at Lawton since 2015. She has a Bachelors in elementary and special education from Northern Arizona University and a Masters in curriculum and instruction from Seattle U. When not at Lawton, Kelli is outside enjoying the wonders of the PNW! Kelli spends her time camping, paddle boarding, hiking, gardening, and skiing. If it is outdoors, she is interested!

Graham Stevenson

Stevenson, Graham

Special Education Assistant
Aaron Swartzman

Swartzman, Aaron

5th Grade Teacher

As an educator, Aaron believes in practices that promote thoughtfulness, perseverance, questioning, problem solving, and enthusiasm for learning. He brings a strong understanding of the neurological importance of the body in learning, a belief in the power of curiosity, and a commitment to social justice and environmental literacy to his teaching practice. Ongoing interests include Capoeira Angola, improvisational performance, neuroscience, permaculture, and his son Kaveh.

Tessie Wong

Wong, Tessie

3rd Grade Teacher

Tessie has been teaching since 1988. She taught at John Muir Elementary and Orca Elementary, and has been at Lawton since 1997. Tessie received her degree in Psychology and her teaching credentials from the University of Washington. She enjoys seeing Broadway shows, hanging out with friends, coordinating weddings, traveling, and spending time with her daughters, Keira and Courtney.

Jenifer Wyman

Wyman, Jenifer

2nd Grade Teacher

Jeni has been teaching at Lawton since 2009. She graduated from Gonzaga University with her teaching credentials and has since gone on to earn a M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction and National Board Teacher Certification. When she is away from the classroom her interests include hanging out with her husband and son Golden, being a cat lady to her two kitties Chuck & Chili, singing karaoke, rollerskating, taking long walks and traveling to new places.