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4th & 5th Grade Reading Odyssey

Goal: Log and finish a minimum of 30 titles this year (21 assigned genres and 9 of your choice).

Non-Fiction about scienceFamily/Teacher InitialsScience FictionFamily/Teacher Initials
1.   1. 
Myths, Folk or Fairy Tales (Traditional Literature)Family/Teacher InitialsBIPOC Author  Family/Teacher Initials
1.     1. 
2.   2. 
Current Event book or article (both about the same topic)Family/Teacher InitialsBiographyFamily/Teacher Initials
1.   1. 
2.   2. 
Global Reading ChallengeFamily/Teacher InitialsNonfiction (student choice)Family/Teacher Initials
1.   1. 
MysteryFamily/Teacher Initials2. 
1. Award Winner (Newbery, King, Belpre, etc.)Family/Teacher Initials
Historical FictionFamily/Teacher Initials1.   
1.   2.   
PoetryFamily/Teacher InitialsMade into a MovieFamily/Teacher Initials
1.   1.   
 Read with a FriendFamily/Teacher InitialsRealistic FictionFamily/Teacher Initials
1.   1.   
GenreTitleFamily/Teacher Initials  How did you find this book?