Lawton Elementary

Lawton Elementary School


Academics at Lawton


We use the district’s Math In Focus curriculum, which draws on best practices from around the world and highlights problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. Students qualified for Advanced Learning are offered one-year-ahead math curriculum.


We follow the district’s adopted, comprehensive Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC) English Language Arts curriculum. This curriculum integrates reading and writing as complementary processes and includes individualized daily reading.


Our teachers are part of the year-one roll out for Amplify, a new-to-Seattle science curriculum centered around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Physical Education

Lawton has two Physical Education teachers. Our program focuses on lifetime fitness and health through movement. The goal is to expose our students to the many different activities that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students have PE three times a week. 


Lawton has a full-time music teacher whose instruction includes choral work, rhythm and beat, reading music, performance, and instrumental work—seeking to develop a love for an understanding of music in all forms. Students have music two times per week.


Lawton has a four day a week librarian who meets with each classroom once per week. In addition to checking out books, students build their information and research skills and their appreciation for a variety of literary styles. To learn more about the library, check out our Library Page.


Lawton offers arts programs that are funded by the PTA and woven into the curriculum by Lawton teachers. Examples include art docents, a watercolor artist-in-residence, visiting authors, assemblies, workshops, and other school events.  

Social Emotional Learning

Lawton uses the district-supported RULER curriculum (Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating) to support the social-emotional learning of our students.

Advanced Learning

Lawton’s advanced learners receive differentiated enrichment supports in the classroom and, beginning in 1st grade, the opportunity for one-year advanced instruction in math. Forinformation on Advanced Learning testing and referrals, see the SPS Advanced Learning website.

Special Education

Students who receive special education services at Lawton are provided with differentiated instruction from their general education teachers through our inclusion model, with limited pull-out services when needed for targeted skill instruction. Lawton hosts a Resource and Access program.

  • Resource Program. Students in the Resource program receive specially designed instruction (SDI) addressing the mild to moderate differences in their instructional needs for specific academic needs and social skills. Instructional content varies, based on each student’s IEP. These students spend the majority of their instructional time in general educational settings with targeted support. Services may be provided in any setting, based on the student’s IEP.
  • Access Program. Students in the Access program have more intensive service needs. They receive specially designed instruction (SDI) addressing their moderate to intensive academic and functional needs. Instructional content varies, based on each student’s IEP. These students are able to make progress on their IEP goals while spending the majority of their instructional time in general education settings with a full range of supports needed. These students may also benefit from a variety of specialized instruction, including smaller group instruction and intervention, for part of the day. Services may be provided in any setting, based on the student’s IEP.