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School Supply Fee

Summary: $35 student supply fee for 2022-23 school year

Lawton is moving to a $35 supply fee for the 2022-23 school year instead of family-provided supplies. Send your student with a backpack and water bottle. We’ll have the rest waiting for them. You can pay your fee online through SchoolPay on The Source now or in September.  

Lawton’s Building Leadership Team supported the move to a fee because it will: 

  • Standardize the supplies students have in the classroom;
  • Ensure teachers have all the supplies they need on the very first day of school;
  • Allow discrete and consistent provision of supplies for families in need; and
  • Eliminate the need for families to spend time trying to find that particular brand of pencil, color of folder, or pack of glue sticks that has the requested number;

Mass purchasing supplies has allowed us to significantly reduce the average supply cost per family. The $35 per student fee is comparable to the lowest Yubbler grade-level kit price and about half the cost of the most expensive Yubbler grade-level kit last year. Scholarships/waivers are available if the fee would be a financial burden for your family.