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    Who is the Lawton PTA?

    • We are parents and teachers of Lawton students.
    • We give financial assistance to the school.
    • Plan and fund arts, science and cultural enrichment programs.
    • Keep parents informed about school happenings, District policies, and available resources.
    • Build community with events like our annual BBQ, Fall Festival, Bingo Night, Math Night, Craft Fair, and Field Day.

    Why Join the PTA?

    There are many reasons to join the PTA, and here are just a few:

    • It helps to attract more great students. (Prospective kindergarten parents consider the PTA membership count to gauge parent participation, and thus student success, at the school.
    • The Lawton PTA pays the total cost of many arts and enrichment programs. PTA members raise the money, and members decide how it’s spent. Part of your dues support programs that foster parent involvement in children’s education as well as leadership training and advocacy efforts.
    • The Lawton PTA publishes this website, a school directory, and a weekly newsletter to keep parents informed.

    Sign Me Up!

    Complete and return the Lawton PTA Membership Form. The membership dues of $15 for an individual membership or $25 for a family is good for the school year.

    How Much Money Do We Raise and How Do We Spend It?

    Last year the PTA spent $347 per student at Lawton and had a total operating budget of approximately $153,200.The Lawton PTA’s Annual Budget is completely funded by school fundraisers. We thank each and every family who has donated to these fundraising efforts, both by volunteering to coordinate them and for making a financial contribution.  When you come to an event or see school improvements, you can say my family helped do this. The events that our children enjoy throughout the year are funded by these dollars.

    A History of Giving

    One of the most amazing aspects of life at Lawton is the incredibly involved and supportive parent body. No matter what the magnitude, the time and effort given by volunteers and financial support of parents is appreciated. In addition to the fundraisers which raises money for the PTA general fund, Lawton also has had a direct drive to fund special projects and needs each year.

    • In 2005 we raised $16,000 for multi-media equipment
    • In 2006 we raised $22,000 for library and classroom study resources
    • In 2007 we raised $35,000 to give our Commons room an extreme makeover, which included wiring and hardware for multi-media,  an improved stage, portable sound system, new paint and storage
    • In 2008 we raised $22,000 to build our new music program and replace aging equipment in our physical education program

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