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    Are you ready to make your child more prepared and ready for school? Then drop off your student on a Walking Wednesday or Fuel Free Fridaywalking school bus throughout the year. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a good source of information about the benefits of walking to school.

    The gist: kids walking safely to school with at least one or more Safety Volunteers along a prescribed route.

    The rationale: Better for student learning, lesscars dropping off and parking around the school, less fuel consumed,less air pollution, it is better for our community, and you can havefun!

    When:  Most Wednesdays and Fridays. Check theroutes and route schedule shown below. Join the start of a walking busat 8:00. Pick it up at a midpoint at 8:15, or join wherever and wheneveryou see a group walking. The leaders will be wearing bright yellowvests that say “Lawton Walking School Bus” on the back.

    WhereDetailed information is provided here. Drop off your child at the starting point or pick up the route anywherealong the way! Please be sure to wait for the leader to arrive beforeleaving your child along the route.

    Safety: Students who walk on a Walking School Bus need to agree to abide by our safety rules. Please read the attached card (or get one from a leader) with your student and hand it in to your leader. Thank you for being safe!

    Volunteer:  If you areinterested in being a regular volunteer and walking one of the routes ona regular basis, please click here to email Lyon Terry ( or call him at 206-252-2160. Thank you!

    Have a great time, and thanks for driving safely around the Lawton! There will be students walking.

    Walking School Buses—In the News:

    Video of Lawton’s Walking School Bus Program on YouTube