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    Environmental Leadership

    Lawton is a District and state leader in the Green Schools Network movement, and our Green Team had its genesis with three Lawton teachers. The Green Team includes student leaders, with representatives from every grade level, who meet monthly to help our school work towards sustainable living.  Programs include the Compost Lunch Program (now in its 5th year and a model for other schools, and the Walking School Bus.

    Compost Lunch Program (or, Extreme Recycling at Lawton!)

    Does your child ask you whether he can throw away orange peels? Is she confused about where to put paper napkins? Think compost!

    Five years ago, Mr. Hubbard’s fourth-graders experimented with recycling compostable items. At first, it was a class project, then they took it school-wide. The goal? Save the planet. Lawton already recycled cans, bottles, and paper.  But what about food? And wet paper towels? By composting food scraps (and tainted paper goods), Lawton kids cut back on waste going to the dump. The project combined math (how much can they reduce solid waste?), science (what composts; and what do they do with the compost?) and environmental lessons.

    At Lawton, kids see firsthand how everyday choices make a difference. Just check out the trash bins. Less trash equals smaller bins equals savings to the district that can be used to initiate more recycling programs.

    It was an equation that worked for the district and the City of Seattle. Last year, Mr. Hubbard’s class estimated Lawton was tossing out about 80 pounds of recyclable materials during lunchtime. Daily. The school’s success at cutting that down so impressed the district and city they helped Mr. Hubbard spread the word.

    Seattle Green Teachers (there are over 30 of them) gather to discuss environmental education and ideas for a Green Schools movement. Their goal? To save the planet. One uneaten apple at a time.

    Lawton Recycling Program in the News

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    Walking School Bus

    Another of the environmental programs at Lawton is the Walking School Bus. Teachers and volunteers coordinate walking routes to school on Wednesdays and Fridays. The goal is to get more kids to walk for exercise, reduce traffic congestion and pollution, and increase the blood flow in student bodies thus improving alertness in the morning.