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    Our P.E. Program

    The physical fitness of our students is a priority, and our physical education program is a cornerstone of the Lawton experience.

    Distinguishing characteristics of this program include:

    • A strong commitment to Physical Education with two Physical education Specialists.
    • A success-oriented physical education program with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skill development which is achieved through sports skills, cooperation, and individual success in a non-threatening environment, and skill based portfolio assessments for intermediate students.
    • Supplements the P.E. program with the district adopted Health and Fitness Curriculum Five for Life.
    • A focus on lifetime fitness and health through movement. The goal is to expose our students to the many different activities that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • After school Enrichment programs with a P.E. related focus such as Unicycle, Circus Arts , Running, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Zumba Kids, Tennis, and Hip Hop Dance.
    • All students receive P.E. three times a week for 35 minute classes all year. At 105 minutes a week, our school is one of a few who meet the minimum number of minutes required by Washington State.
    • Our own P.E. and Health newsletter, the “Gym-NEWS-ium” written by our Specialists to share information with students and parents.