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    Spectrum Program

    Lawton is the designated Spectrum school for the Queen Anne/Magnolia attendance area, and Lawton’s teachers are trained to challenge the advanced learners who have successfully tested into this program. Spectrum students receive accelerated curricula in Language Arts and Mathematics, generally at one level above their grade.

    Spectrum is part of the Advanced Learning program offered through the Seattle Public Schools to students in grades 1 through 8 who are identified as academically gifted (scoring 87% or higher in two areas of the CogAT (Cognitive Ability Test) and 87 % or higher in both reading and math achievement*).The Spectrum Program provides a rigorous and accelerated curriculum that challenges students to apply complex thinking skills when working with core skills and concepts. The reading and mathematics curricula are presented at an accelerated learning pace, are focused on grade level expectations that are above students’ assigned grade levels in reading and mathematics, and emphasize an advanced level of complexity and depth.

    The Spectrum program serves students who are district-identified as academically gifted or academically highly gifted. Spectrum students have different learning styles, learning paces, and curricular needs that require daily and systematic modification to a general education curriculum and classroom experience to achieve educational benefit.

    The program is guided by four core principles:

    1. Provide a rigorous curriculum.
    2. Provide an accelerated curriculum that focuses on student proficiency in grade level expectations and one grade level beyond or more in reading and mathematics
    3. Bring district-identified students together through self-contained or cluster-grouping strategies to form classroom rosters.
    4. Provide instruction by teachers familiar with the needs of students who are academically gifted.

    For more information regarding Advanced Learning, please visit the Seattle Public Schools Advanced Learning page on the SPS website or phone us at Lawton at 206-252-2130.

    Any family wishing to test their child for Advanced Learning should be aware that applications are due in early fall to be eligible for Spectrum placement in the following school year. Please contact the school office at 206-252-2130 for more information.

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