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    The ICS Model

    Lawton was chosen as one of the 38 schools that would host the ICS model starting in the 2009-2010 school year. The vision of the Seattle Public Schools is to offer the ICS model to more schools in the future. ICS is a student focused model that allows all students access to neighborhood schools and general education curriculum. This model emphasizes collaboration between the general education teachers, and special education staff as well as the specialists. Specialists can include the P.E. teacher, music teacher, tutors and other support staff. Each student is viewed individually and the service he/she receives is based on his/her unique needs. Lawton has been and continues to be an inclusion program.

    Lawton’s special education team is comprised of 3 special education teachers, 2 special education assistants, speech language pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT) and school psychologist. The School Intervention Team is comprised of the principal, various members of the special education staff and general education teachers. They generally meet weekly to review and support various students and families.

    For more information visit the Seattle Public Schools Special Education Department Home Page on the District website or visit the Special Education Service page which provides an overview of services.

    Books for Barks is an innovative reading program to help students with special needs boost reading fluency and confidence. Students practice reading a book of their choice aloud to specially trained therapy dogs. Their reading partner will never interrupt or correct their reading. It is a very special program for our students!