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    Science Program

    The National Science Foundation curriculum is our District’s adopted program. It is an inquiry-based, hands-on science program. Students conduct supervised experiments, making predictions and reporting their findings in science journals and class discussions. Subject-matter reading helps students understand the scientific process and how scientists have added to human knowledge. By the end of 5th grade students will have experienced a myriad of scientific inquiries and discoveries.

    Science Events

    Lawton’s annual Science Week features science specialists and assemblies, and the Science Fair allows students to share their scientific discoveries with the Lawton community. It is a fabulous event where students celebrate their new-found knowledge.

    Supplemental Science Enrichment

    Another vital component of our science program is an overnight, outdoor environmental education camp for our 5th graders at Islandwood on Bainbridge Island. The four-day, three-night experience is a capstone and natural extension to the science units introduced in the classrooms. Please visit the Islandwood website for more information.

    For more information about the District’s science standards, especially specific units per grade level, please visit the SPS Inquiry-Based Science Program page on the District website.  Additional information and resources from the Seattle Public Schools regarding the science curriculum can be found here: SPS Science Mission Grades K through 12 and SPS Science Materials and Resources for Families.