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    Reading and Writing

    As literacy is an essential component to any student’s learning, it is also one of the core “blocks” in our school day. Ideally, class schedules are designed to allow for an uninterrupted 90 minute Literacy Block. During that time, we follow our District’s adopted, comprehensive Balanced Literacy Program where reading and writing are regarded as complementary processes that promote higher level thinking skills.

    Classroom Libraries

    To support our efforts in the school and the direction of our Superintendent, every K – 2 classroom was supplied with a five hundred-book leveled library to help students find their “just right books” and move them along their continuum of reading development. While awaiting District funding for leveled libraries for Grades 3 – 5, the Lawton Grants Committee is pursuing grants to purchase leveled libraries for these classrooms.

    Literacy events

    Many classes host writing or publishing celebrations, in which parents are invited to read students’ books and celebrate their improving writing skills. In addition, Young Authors Day is a school-wide event in which parents and teachers host small, mixed-aged groups who share a favorite writing sample from the school year. In addition, the PTA often brings in a celebrated author for assemblies.

    For more information about the District’s standards for literacy, please visit the  SPS Language Arts Program page on the District website.