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    Lawton has a long tradition of offering the arts to our students with regular assemblies and workshops, school events and artist-in residence programs. Many of our programs are funded by 100% by the PTA, or funded partially. The programs are woven into the curriculum by Lawton teachers. Some highlights include the following:


    In addition to our full time music teacher, instrumental music class is also provided for our 4th and 5th graders.

    Visual Arts

    Visiting artists provide workshops in mixed media, clay, ceramics and watercolor, augmenting the visual arts curriculum already provided by the creative Lawton staff.


    Each year, visiting authors work with our students to build on our Young Authors writing program.

    World Cultures

    Lawton’s World Cultures Program is an exciting learning opportunity for the whole community where each grade band studies a different country on their designated continent. All studies are aligned with the Social Studies standards for each grade level as well.

    All teachers take a different approach to World Cultures and what their focus will be. Some students may and analyze aspects of government, culture as well as learning what made the United States the melting pot by  comparing/contrasting governments in a specific region, studying immigration and comparing/contrasting cultural elements. Whereas other classes will learn about different regions by examining the different aspects of the culture, geography, biology and language.

    Continent/Regions of Study:

    • Kindergarten will focus on South America
    • First grade will focus on Asia
    • Second grade will focus on Australia and the South Pacific
    • Third grade will focus on North America and the Caribbean
    • Fourth grade will focus on Europe
    • Fifth grade will focus on Africa

    The goal of the program is still for students to have “traveled the world” by 5th grade. World Cultures caps off with a week-long celebration, culminating with a “World’s Fair” festival, where visitors are whisked abroad and classrooms are transformed into exotic locales. Students also participate in “Market Day” where they sample foods from the countries classes are studying. It is an extraordinary experience for many to try foods for the first time. Since 2004, we’ve gone to Asia, Africa, Latin America, South America, Australia, the Pacific Island nations, Antarctica and Europe.

    You are invited to view the recently created video celebrating the success of Lawton’s World Cultures program, which started in 2004. Material was collected* from the residencies in 2010 while the school was studying Africa. Our staff will utilize the video for training, sharing and furthering the program with the educational community. We hope you enjoy it! You can view the video link by clicking here.

    *Special thanks go to: Kevin Cruff, a local professional photographer and videographer for his tireless efforts in putting this together; Susan Ewbank for help with development and her exceptional photography; Lawton staff, parents and students for all of their contributions with development and content. The PTA would also like to thank Alison Grevstad for her work and vision on this project.

    Outdoor Education

    Each year, the PTA Enrichment Committee sponsors and coordinates visits by each classroom to the Discovery Park Outdoor Education program.

    Science Week and Fair

    Staff, students and families work together to have a week-long celebration of scientific study.


    A returning favorite, Gaylen Suave, (a.k.a. the “Dance Dude”) teaches line and updated folk dancing to our students every two years in the fall, and visiting artists often offer dance as part of our World Cultures curriculum.