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    Lawton Elementary School

    Lawton is a public elementary school located in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. We're focused on academic achievement and cultural enrichment. We've served this community for over 100 years, and proudly continue to offer an excellent K-5 learning experience in a healthy and caring environment.

    Elementary school choice is not a one-year decision, but a six-year investment. We encourage you to become familiar with what the whole school can offer.

    A Community School.

    Lawton Elementary is a small neighborhood school with a focus on academic achievement, and a culture of caring. Our students are taught to be kind, respectful, responsible, and to believe they can achieve anything!  We are very proud to have served this community for the past 100 years, offering a solid K-5 learning experience.

    Meeting the Needs of Individual Students.

    Lawton offers a dynamic program and rich learning environment for the range of learners. As both the designated Spectrum site in the Queen Anne/Magnolia cluster and a designated Integrated Comprehensive Services school for special-education students, Lawton is proud to be able to meet the needs of all its students.

    A Wonderful Kindergarten Program.

    If you are looking at Lawton for your incoming kindergartener, our program that features a team of kindergarten teachers who love what they do and focus on making your child’s first year of school a success.

    Dedicated Teachers.

    Our teachers bring varied individual talents to their teaching, while working together toward a set of common goals. Our staff finds many opportunities to team together for field trips, special projects, and general classroom instruction, and parents volunteer in a variety of ways to enrich the learning environment. Many teachers have been with Lawton for 10-25 years. The school has also grown by a classroom each year for the past 5 years, so many wonderful new teachers have been hired as well. Staff are encouraged to bring their own unique specialties into the classroom, and examples include animation, drama, technology and art. Learn more about our staff.

    Rigorous Academics.

    Core academics are the major focus at Lawton. Learn more about Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science curriculum and how we regularly augment District curriculum at Lawton by special programs, additional PTA resources, and community building events to reinforce our students’ learning experience.

    Award Winning PE Program.

    The physical education and fitness of our students is a priority to our staff and community, and our physical education program is a cornerstone of the Lawton experience. Our students love P.E. and can always count on walking with an experience that includes motor development, fitness and sport skill development, cooperation, and the knowledge to lead a a healthy lifestyle outside of school. Distinguishing characteristics of our program include the following:

    • Two highly qualified Physical Education Specialists
    • Focus on lifetime health and fitness
    • Students receive P.E. class three times a week all year with 35 minute classes.
    • Students receive the state required 100 minutes a week of Physical Education.

    Learn more here by going to the school P.E. website.

    A Full-Time Music Teacher.

    We believe that music is integral to early childhood education. Beginning the 2008-2009 school year, Elaine Cooper joined Lawton as a full time music teacher and music became a part of the permanent curriculum. All of the K-5 students enjoy music two times per week.  Instruction includes choral work, rhythm and beat, reading music, performance, and instrumental work. Learn more about our music program and read Elaine’s bio.

    Arts Enrichment.

    Lawton has a long tradition of offering the arts to our students with regular assemblies and workshops, school events and artist-in residence programs. Programs are funded by the PTA, and are woven into the curriculum by Lawton teachers. Examples include music enrichment via instrumental music, visual artists in residence, visiting author programs, our famous World Cultures week and evening event, Science Week and the Discovery Park Outdoor Education program. Learn more.

    Environmental Leadership.

    Lawton is a District and state leader in the Green Schools Network movement, and our Green Team had its genesis with three Lawton teachers. The Green Team includes student leaders, with representatives from every grade level, who meet monthly to help our school work towards sustainable living.  Programs include the Compost Lunch Program (a model for other schools) and the Walking School Bus.

    An Active PTA.

    Lawton has a simply amazing PTA, meaning we have a simply amazing community of parents and teachers. We give financial assistance to the PTA to use for arts, science and cultural enrichment programs, keep parents informed about school happenings, District policies and resources available, build community with events like our annual BBQ, World Cultures event, Bingo Night, Math Night, Field Day, and so much more.


    Part of what makes Lawton a successful school is the tremendous amount of family involvement – over 15,000 volunteer hours were recorded at Lawton during the 2008-2009 School Year. And we are planning to top that number this year. Learn more about what kind of volunteering happens at Lawton.

    Vibrant Before & After School Enrichment Classes.

    Lawton is buzzing with activities both before and after school, which is truly a sign of a healthy, happy student body. Many teachers share their particular skills and passions with students by leading an enrichment class, and the school also brings in specialists to host clubs. Learn more.

    A Culture of Caring.

    Our school looks for ways to engage Lawton kids in the spirit of giving and helping others… One particular organization we have been working with is Sister Schools. This program has been around for many years and Lawton has been thrilled to be a part of their work. Sister Schools is dedicated to broadening students’ awareness of the world around them and fostering life-changing educational opportunities at home and abroad. Lawton students participate in the supply drive which helps bring school supplies, books, sports equipment, clothes, and health and first aid items to students in Uganda. This has been a very positive and rewarding program for our students.

    Childcare On-Site.

    Lawton’s Boys & Girls Club is conveniently located on-premises.  They can be reached at (206) 283-4361 or The program may reach maximum capacity before the school year begins, so it’s best to get enrolled in spring.

    The Spirit of Teamwork.

    The spirit of teamwork among the principal, staff, PTA and parents makes Lawton a special place for students and their families.  Elementary school choice is not a one-year decision but a six-year investment, and we encourage you to become familiar with what the whole school can offer.

    Questions for the PTA?

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    Contact Us

    4000 27th Ave. W.
    Seattle, WA 98199

    Main Office: 206-252-2130
    Attendance: 206-252-2139
    Fax: 206-252-2131

    Principal Allison Deno

    Principal: Allison Deno

    Assistant Principal: Barbara Dixon


    Bell Schedule

    Start and End Time:
    7:55 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

    Early Release Wednesday:
    7:55 a.m. - 1:10 p.m.

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