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    Our P.E. Program

    The physical fitness of our students is a priority, and our physical education program is a cornerstone of the Lawton experience.

    Distinguishing characteristics of this program include:

    • A strong commitment to Physical Education with two Physical education Specialists.
    • A success-oriented physical education program with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skill development which is achieved through sports skills, cooperation, and individual success in a non-threatening environment, and skill based portfolio assessments for intermediate students.
    • Supplements the P.E. program with the district adopted Health and Fitness Curriculum Five for Life.
    • A focus on lifetime fitness and health through movement. The goal is to expose our students to the many different activities that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • After school Enrichment programs with a P.E. related focus such as Unicycle, Circus Arts , Running, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Zumba Kids, Tennis, and Hip Hop Dance.
    • All students receive P.E. three times a week for 35 minute classes all year. At 105 minutes a week, our school is one of a few who meet the minimum number of minutes required by Washington State.
    • Our own P.E. and Health newsletter, the “Gym-NEWS-ium” written by our Specialists to share information with students and parents.

    P.E. Classes for 2014-2015 School Year

    All 2nd -5th Grade classes alternate between Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Kohler for the year.

    All Kindergarten and 1st grade classes will only have Mrs. Parks for P.E. for the year.

    Room 101
    Mr. Conner
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    Room 102
    Mrs. Adler
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 103
    Mrs. Hylton
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    Room 104
    Ms. Rudisill
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Room 105
    Mrs. Bakker
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 106
    Mr. Matzner
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Room 107
    Mrs. Hatley
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 108
    Mrs. McDonagh
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Room 109
    Mrs. Fatland
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    Room 201
    Mr. Terry
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 202
    Mrs. Wong
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 203
    Mr. Swartzman
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Room 204
    Mrs. Ulmer
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 205
    Mrs. Misner
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    Room 207
    Mr. Hubbard
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

    Room 208
    Mrs. Cail
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

    Room 209
    Ms. Hafzalla
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday