Math in Focus: Singapore Math

After piloting 3 different programs last year, the Seattle Public School District has adopted a new K – 5 math curriculum, Math in Focus. Every classroom teacher is receiving training with the new curriculum.

Math in Focus provides an authentic Singapore math curriculum—highlighting problem solving as the focus of mathematical learning. This complete program teaches concepts using a concrete–pictorial–abstract learning progression to anchor learning in real-world and hands-on experiences. The research base used to guide the development of the Common Core State Standards cited Singapore’s pedagogy as one of their key research models. Singapore math’s effective framework parallels the big ideas in the Common Core. – Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Math in Focus® program consists of Student textbooks and Workbooks that work together. At school, your child will use the Student textbook to learn math concepts and practice extensively to develop a deeper understanding. Your child will also participate in activities or games, and discuss his or her findings in class. Math in Focus® addresses topics in greater depth at each grade. –School to Home Connections

Parents and students looking for online support may want to explore Math in Focus Youtube videos.

Math Event
The PTA hosts a Math and Mingle Night in which the student body and parents are invited to school in the evening to play math games while improving math skills in a casual and fun environment.

For more information about the District’s standards for mathematics, please visit the SPS Mathematics Program page or the SPS Elementary Mathematics page on the District website.

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